Business Implications of Enterprise 2.0 Print

The long term goal of this project is to investigate this wave, and to deepen our understanding of two fundamental issues: (1) What is the impact of IT on business and competition? How much does IT matter? (2) What makes a company “good at IT”? In other words, what makes one company better than its competitors at selecting, adopting, and exploiting technology, in particular the new technologies of collaboration? What is the best “shape” of a company to optimize the 2.0 wave? Companies today are faced with a rich mix of new tools, novel business practices that make use of them, and possible strategies for encouraging people to participate and con tribute in novel ways.

Institute/Organization : The MIT Center for Digital Business, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Research Team : Dr. Andrew McAfee and Professor Erik Brynjolfsson

Sponsor : Cisco Systems, British Telecom

Status: Ongoing

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