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Sabeer Bhatia

Sabeer Bhatia born on December 30, 1968 is the co-founder of Hotmail and an entrepreneur. Bhatia was born to a Punjabi Hindu family in Chandigarh, India. His father, Baldev Bhatia, was as an officer in the Indian Army who later joined the Indian Ministry of Defence, while his mother, Daman Bhatia, was a senior official at the Central Bank of India. Sabeer Bhatia an ordinary guy from banglore came to Los Angeles in September 1988. He was 19 at that time and had only $250 in his pocket and knew nobody in America. Sabeer went to Stanford University in 1989 to pursue his M.S. in Electrical Engineering. At Stanford, he worked on Ultra Low Power VLSI Design. Sabeer intended to complete his degrees and go back to India to work with some Large Indian Company as an engineer. Sabeer did his MS in 1993. Sabeer thought that one should be superhuman to start a company and it was an impossible task for him.