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Sergey Brin

Sergey Brin is the cofounder of the Google search engine. He and fellow Stanford University student Larry Page worked together on a project while doing a Ph.D. in Computer Science. The Pair left their studies to focus on developing the Google search engine. Sergey Brin and his partner Larry Page went on to become two of the wealthiest young entrepreneurs in America with the success of their university project; Google.Sergey Mihailovich Brin was born in Moscow, Russia in 1973. The Brin family moved from Russia to the United States of American in 1979 when Sergey was 5 years of age. His father gained work as a mathematics professor at the University of Maryland and his mother went on to work at NASA. Brin grew up fascinated by computers and had one from a very early age, when home computers were not common in households (Commodore 64 days). He went on to receive a bachelor of science degree at the University of Maryland, with honors in mathematics and computer science in 1993. Brin then went on to start his Ph.D. in Computer Science at the Stanford University. While studying for his Ph.D he met Lawrence Page and went on to work with on a project to organize the Internet and improve the way people search for information. They first nicknamed the project "Backrub" as it relied heavily on the number and relevancy of links pointing to a website (later called Page Rank).Brin and Page left their studies at Stanford University and started Google Inc. in 1998. The popularity of the search engine increased dramatically, forcing the company to constantly expand its computing power, improve its technology, and move to bigger premises (now situated at the "Googleplex" in Mountain View, California). The company became a publicly traded company in 2004 (traded on the NASDAQ as GOOG) with individual shares being valued at $85 each and quickly rose to $100+ in the first day of trading. Google has continued to grow through acquiring and creating new Internet services and products online. The stock price also grew rapidly to more than $420 per share at the end of November in 2005.Sergey Brin and Larry Page shared 16th position on the Richest Americans list released by the Forbes business magazine in 2005, having an estimated $11 billion USD each. Brin remains active in the company with the role of the president of Technology.

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Stephen M. Case

Stephen M. Case was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. His father was an attorney, his mother an elementary school teacher. The third of four children, young Steve showed an entrepreneurial bent from an early age. At six, he started a juice stand with his brother Daniel, using limes from their own back yard. The brothers shared a paper route, sold seeds and magazine subscriptions and started a mail order company they called Case Enterprises. After studying political science at Williams College, Steve Case worked for Procter and Gamble, then managed pizza development for Pepsi's Pizza Hut unit. While traveling for Pizza Hut, he spent many evenings amusing himself with a new gadget, the personal computer. After exploring one of the first online services, the Source, he became fascinated with the possibilities of the online world. His brother Daniel, who had become an investment banker, invited him to attend the 1983 Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas, where he introduced him to the directors of Control Video, a struggling computer game company. Control Video offered Steve a job as a marketing assistant on the spot, and he jumped at the opportunity to pursue his vision of an interactive world of computer-based communication and entertainment.

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Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban is the outspoken owner of the Dallas Mavericks basketball team, billionaire internet entrepreneur, and chairman of the high-definition television station HDNet.
Mark Cuban was born on the 31st of July, 1958 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. From an early age Cuban had an entrepreneurial ambition to succeed, which may have been influenced by his family's working class upbringing. Cuban continued his entrepreneurial ways and did several jobs while at school and university. He graduated with a business degree from the Indiana University in 1981, before moving to Dallas and starting a computer consulting company called Micro Solutions. Micro Solutions made Cuban a millionaire when he sold the company to CompuServe for $6 million in 1990.

His next major venture was with the Internet broadcasting company He and his university friend Todd Wagner saw become a company with more than 300 employees and almost $100 million in annual revenue. In 1998 the company set a one record for an IPO (Initial Public Offering) by increasing nearly 250%, from $18 per share to $62.75 per share. With the dot com crash looming, Cuban sold to Yahoo! in 1999 for $5.04 billion worth of stock. This made the founders Todd Wagner and Mark Cuban instant billionaires (on paper at least). The services offered by became Yahoo! Broadcast Solutions and eventually split into other services of Yahoo! The URL of now redirects to the Yahoo homepage, with no semblance of the company that was once worth $5.04 billion to the company

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Bob (Robert) Parsons

Bob (Robert) Parsons is an American entrepreneur. He is the Executive Chairman and Founder of the Go Daddy group of companies, a family of companies comprising three ICANN-accredited domain name registrars, including flagship registrar, reseller registrar Wild West Domains and Blue Razor Domains. Other affiliated companies include Domains by Proxy, a domain privacy company, and Starfield Technologies, the business’s technology development arm.

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Margaret Cushing

Margaret Cushing "Meg" Whitman  (born August 4, 1956) is an American business executive. She is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Hewlett-Packard. A native of Long Island, New York, she is a graduate of Princeton University and Harvard Business School. Whitman served as an executive in The Walt Disney Company where she was vice president of strategic planning throughout the 1980s. In the 1990s, she served as an executive for DreamWorks,Procter & Gamble, and Hasbro. Whitman served as President and Chief Executive Officer ofeBay from 1998 to 2008. During her ten years with the company, she oversaw expansion from 30 employees and $4 million in annual revenue to more than 15,000 employees and $8 billion in annual revenue.
In February 2009, Whitman announced her candidacy for Governor of California, becoming the third woman in a twenty year period to run for the office. She won the Republican primary in June 2010. The fourth wealthiest woman in the state of California with a net worth of $1.3 billion in 2010, she spent more of her own money on the race than any other political candidate spent on a single election in American historyspending $144 million total of her own fortune and $178.5 million including donors Whitman lost to Jerry Brown in the November 2 election.

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