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In 1991, a visionary Shri B.B.Somani sensed an opportunity in starting a business in Information Technology, which happened to be the future. And whereas computers were becoming a rage, nobody thought it fit to give an equal importance to printer ribbons, which played a major role in presentations at that time.

Meanwhile, dealers were fleecing the ignorant consumer, and charging exorbitant prices for the printer cartridges and ribbons. This gave Shri Somani a chance to get a foothold into the then nascent consumables market by educating the hapless consumer on the different aspects of the product. Though he did face the ire of the dealers at that time, he built a good reputation for himself and his brands.

A pioneer, Abee introduced blister packaging for refill packs, which later became an industry standard. To take care of the consumer needs of the IT sector, the company decided to totally dedicate itself to manufacture and market consumables. So, as part of its renewed focus, it changed its name in 1999 from Abee Printer Ribbons Ltd. to ABEE INFO - CONSUMABLES LTD.

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Accelrys is a Scientific Informatics software and services company for life sciences, chemical and materials R&D. It enable their customers to both accelerate their research process to more rapidly discover new therapeutics, materials and compounds; and to introduce new efficiencies into the process that drive lower costs.

In July 2010, Accelrys, Inc. and Symyx Technologies, Inc. merged, creating the leading scientific informatics software company.

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Accel Transmatic Limited was originally established as Transmatic Systems Ltd (TSL) in the year 1986 by two entrepreneurs from Kerala, M R Narayanan and T Ravindran, with equity participation from Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation, and IDBI. The company was promoted to develop and manufacture professional electronic products and communication systems in the state of Kerala, India.

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Abacus has been established to provide high quality IT solutions to customers with an emphasis on SERVICE by striving to exceed your expectations. This rare quality has allowed Abacus to grow swiftly whilst keeping pace with the rapidly developing IT Industry. Abacus specialises in supplying and installing Computer Network Solutions and provides associated services to cater for the ever demanding IT industry.

Working with us it design, develop and implement the most appropriate cost effective solutions for company. We also ensure that the necessary skills are transferred for ease of use and implementation.

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Bally Technologies, Inc. is a diversified, worldwide gaming company that designs, manufactures, distributes, and operates gaming devices and computerized monitoring, accounting and player-tracking systems for gaming devices. In addition to selling gaming devices, the Company also offers customers a wide range of purchase and lease options. It derives revenue from Gaming Equipment (sale of gaming devices and related equipment, parts and conversion kits) and Gaming Operations (operation of linked progressive systems, video lottery and centrally determined systems and the rental of gaming devices and content).

The oldest slot manufacturing company in the world, Bally was founded in 1932 by Raymond T. (Ray) Moloney. It was created as the manufacturing arm of parent company Lions Manufacturing Corporation to develop a small, but highly profitable pinball game called the "Ballyhoo." Bally Manufacturing, as it was known then, created and distributed coin-operated amusement devices before entering into slot machine production.

Bally Technologies is credited with many technological milestones such as the "bottomless hopper," the first fully electronic reel-spinning slot machine, and the world’s first electronic slot management system – SDS®. In 1975, Bally became the first gaming company to be publically traded on the New York Stock Exchange. More recently, the Company received accolades for its iVIEW Display Manager™, a customer-relationship marketing tool capable of multiple cross-promotions, its GameMaker® HD™ which offers multiple game titles, and its new Cash Spin gaming device with U-Spin™ gesture-control technology. Cash Spin received the first-place award for "Best Slot Product" during the prestigious 2010 Gaming & Technology Awards competition conducted by Casino Journal magazine.

Today, Bally Manufacturing creates and produces a variety of technologically advanced gaming products and systems that can be found in more than 600 gaming locations worldwide. Over the years, the Company has positioned itself by acquiring key technology assets that has grown Bally Technologies into the No. 1 company in the world. It has employees in Asia, Europe, India, Latin America, Mexico, South Africa, South America and the United States.

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