Augmented Product Counter Print

This study has created an augmented reality (AR) based product display counter that transforms any surface or object into an interactive surface, blending digital media and information with physical space. This system enables shoppers to conduct research in the store, learn about product features, and talk to a virtual expert to get advice via built-in video conferencing. The Augmented Product Counter is based on LuminAR technology, which can transform any standard product counter, enabling shoppers to get detailed information on products as well as web access to read unbiased reviews, compare pricing, and conduct research while they interact with real products. This system delivers an innovative in-store shopping experience combining live product interactions in a physical environment with the vast amount of information available on the web in an engaging and interactive manner.

Institute/Organization : MIT Media Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Research Team : Pattie Maes (Director)
Status: Ongoing 

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