Audio Browser: A Gesture and Speech-Based Information Access System for the Visually Impaired PDF Print E-mail

The Audio Browser Project is developing a set of tools to support the browsing of web-based and personal information by blind and visually impaired users. Its main strategy is to use multi-modal input (touch and speech) in order to give users the ability to learn about an interface through exploration and to move through a collection of information similar to cascading menus on a visual screen display. A desktop and a personal data assistant (PDA) version of the software exist that allow users to download and read (via text to speech) daily newspapers or to manage their own personal data, telephone numbers, addresses, notes and music files through the same simple “touch and say” interface. Currently under development is a navigation tool that uses a sensor-based network and location-based methods to aid its user in navigating buildings.

Institute/Organization : Department of Information Systems, New Jersey’s Science & Technology University (NJIT), USA

Research Team :

Marilyn Tremaine, project director

Xiaoyu Chen, Ph.D. student

Cliff Williams, former MSc. student

Bob Lutz, Ph.D. student

Jaewoo Chung, former MSc. student

John Visicaro, MSc. student

Daniel Rodriguez, MSc. student

Patrick Lacsina, Ph.D. student

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